The most popular interior design fads in SoCal

Every house is unique in its own way, especially when it comes to interior design. Home owners often select design styles that are influenced by what is popular in their part of the world. Joybird took a look at the styles most searched by state using Google Trends.

The most common design choice across the country is the industrial aesthetic. As the dominant design trend in Illinois, this style takes influence from old factories and other industrial spaces with features like weathered wood, exposed brick, metal appliances, and concrete flooring. Industrial chic incorporates the open layouts of cities and lofts so homeowners can achieve a “warehouse” feel with a modern twist.

Vintage was the next most searched style and is largely popular in Texas. With the objective of creating an atmosphere of antiquity, this style is old fashioned and romantic, according to Small Design Ideas. It involves natural materials like wood and fabrics as well as unnaturally aged furniture and decor to reflect the fashion of decades past.

The shabby chic design is big in Massachusetts and areas emphasis on the appearance of an aged space with distressed furniture and mismatched decor. It can also feature natural elements like plants and clay or stone accessories, according to

Homeowners in Atlanta gravitate toward the rustic interior design style which is characterized as a rough, aged and casual aesthetic based on natural inspirations according to a article. Materials like unfinished wood as well as stones and burlap fabrics characterize this style that aims to use organic materials in their most natural state.

California’s beaches inspire the seaside design that’s the most common trend in the state. In this aesthetic, normal light and soothing colors create a natural and calm atmosphere. A simplistic layout, combination of different textures, and abundance of cushions put the finishing touches on this seaside theme.